Jonathan Porter, otherwise known as the rapper Blueface, technically got famous off a d*ck pic.

It’s not as lewd as it sounds. Blueface has always had an uncanny knack for marketing. In 2018, the West Coast emcee’s debut record, “Respect My Cryppin,” had started to evolve into a meme across Twitter. The buoyant track was up to the task, thanks to Blueface’s shrill, nasally, often conversational flow that landed on-beat only when he felt like it.

The debacle charmed the youth but made hip-hop purists squirm. Another West Coast phenom rapping about sexual appendages and gang violence for the sake of virality? The rapper became a polarizing figure from the jump.

But Blueface was always in on his own joke, hence why putting a picture of his schlong on the cover art for his next single didn’t phase him all that much. “I sho’ the f*ck did,” he said in an interview with Refuse Media. “And that blew a n**** up.”

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