From fellow musicians to conservative commentators

Since his return to Twitter, Kanye West hasn’t just been sharing his inner thoughts about creativity and Donald Trump. He’s also sharing pictures text exchanges and meetings he’s having with all sorts people trying to get in touch — including friends challenging him on his right-wing ideas; peers reaching out just to say they’re there for him when he needs them; and prominent conservative figures who want to talk more out his ideas.

Not all West's texting buddies have been ficially identified yet, but here’s a guide to the key players so far.

Chance the Rapper
After West kicked f a tweetstorm praising prominent conservative figures, Chance the Rapper tweeted that he had spoken to West and affirmed that he was “in a great space.” He later clarified his support for West in a note posted to Twitter, writing that he didn’t agree with West on all his views.

John Legend
West's longtime pal and collaborator had reached out to caution West against his Trump support in a series  text messages that West eventually made public on Twitter. Legend also reached out to correct West’s tweets about the history slavery and the Republican party, which West shared on Twitter before deleting them. Though West at one point referred to Legend’s outreach as a tactic to “manipulate his] free thought,” the two seem to still be on good terms: West posted a photo them after the initial exchange with the caption “We got love. Agree to disagree.”

Candace Owens
Not long after his return to Twitter, West expressed admiration for the conservative commentator’s thinking, and the message was heard — Owens and West had some sort  in-person gathering based on this picture  the whiteboard they used during their discussion.

J. Cole
The rapper — who just had a great week on the Billboard 200 with his semi-surprise new album, KOD — and West talked on the phone, according to a screenshot West posted. It’s unclear who made the first contact or what they talked about, but the conversation seemed to go well: West captioned the photo “we got love.”

Ebro Darden
The radio personality weighed in on the “can you separate the art from the artist” debate during a text change with West: “People know that just because you disagree politically does not mean we cannot enjoy music & our legends.”

Charlamagne tha God
The TV/radio personality, along with John Legend, reached out to West to correct him about his tweets about slavery and the Republican Party: “You gotta fact check this stuff before you put it into the world,” he wrote in a text that West posted to Twitter and later delayed. The two also sat down for a lengthy interview that you can watch here.

Big Sean
The G.O.O.D. Music artist reached out to West to fer his support and a listening ear, then later complimented West on his interview with Charlamagne tha God.

Francis and the Lights
Though his contact is only saved as “Francis,” the pal sending love and thanks to West text is believed to be West collaborator and G.O.O.D. Music artist Francis and the Lights: “You always show me what it means to be free,” he wrote. “I hear you. I read your statements, and focus on the details, and I try to understand what you are saying.” (Then they talked about RoboCop — the movie, not the 808s & Heartbreak song.)

Wes Lang
West’s texts about album cover ideas and spreading love are believed to be with the artist Wes Lang, whom West has worked with on tour merchandise before.

Jan Adams
The surgeon who operated on West’s mother before her death wrote West an open letter politely asking him not to use his likeness on the cover his next album. West thanked him and said he couldn’t “wait to sit with Adams] and start healing.”

Tracey Mills
The designer has been sending West advice and affirmations ranging from daily motivations (“We have been chosen again to see another day. Another day to evolve and another day to inspire”) to quotes from economist Thomas Sowell (“People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge anything”).

Peter Thiel
During West’s pro-conservative tweet spree, he announced on Twitter that controversial venture capitalist Peter Thiel (or at least a representative for him) had gotten in touch about setting up some time to talk.