By Brock Thiessen
Published Apr 23, 2018

While we don’t hear from Girl Talk nearly as much as we used to, the mashup pioneer has returned with a new track, complete with Flatbush Zombies member Erick the Architect attached.

The song is called “Trouble in Paradise,” and it premiered last night (April 22) during HBO comedy series Silicon Valley. Now, though, you can also stream it here online.

In a statement, Girl Talk (a.k.a. Greg Gillis) had this to say about the new track:

I’m a fan of Flatbush Zombies, so I met up with Erick last time I was in New York. I played him some music that I was working on, and he later jumped on one of the beats.  I loved what he did, but I started playing with the a cappella over some different ideas.  That’s something I always like to do, based on years of doing remixes. The Julian Casablancas and the Voidz sample really clicked with the initial idea, so we reworked the song, and it transformed into something more menacing and heavy.

Check out “Trouble in Paradise” for yourself below.