By Calum Slingerland
Published Apr 27, 2018

After putting the spotlight on Brazilian electronic music with his Magnum Vol. 1 comp back in 2016, Gui Boratto has readied a new solo effort of his own.

Titled Pentagram, the producer’s latest arrives through Kompakt on June 15 and marks the official follow-up to 2014’s Abaporu. Twelve tracks in length, the album is said to demonstrate a leap forward in Boratto’s production and creative progression, including pop-friendly structures and the techno he built his name on.

A first taste of the record arrives with “Forgive Me,” which you can hear in the player below. As he explained in a press release, the track is a sister composition to its preceding album cut “Forgotten.”

“I was going into two different directions,” he recalled, “the typical ‘indie-electronic-rock’ Boratto kind of production like ‘It’s Majik’ or ‘Like You’ and a much more techno approach. I decided to split them into two twin sister songs. When I play live I always put these two songs together.”

Read through the tracklisting to hear “Forgive Me” in the player below.


1. The Walker
2. The Black Bookshelf
3. Overload (ft. Luciana Villanova)
4. Forgotten
5. Forgive Me
6. Scene 2
7. Alcazar
8. The Phoenix (ft. Nathan Berger)
9. Hallucination (ft. B.T.)
10. Spur
11. Pentagram
12. 618