Let’s be honest, Gucci Mane has come a loooong way when it comes to his appearance. I mean, no shade to Gucci, but he wasn’t exactly anyone’s #MCM on Instagram; especially not during his “Burr” days. But it seems as though, when he got out jail, his glow up was on a thousand.

Some his fans credit it to his new way life, others credit his wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir. There’s no doubt that Keyshia’s influence added to the man Gucci is today. With his new lease on life, he eats clean, works out, and is all about getting to the money. But life wasn’t always this easy for Gucci. Let’s take it back to the beginning and relive Gucci’s transformation over the years.

Young Radric

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Let’s take it all the way back from the beginning. Before there was Gucci Mane, there was a little boy named Radric Delantic Davis. Young Radric grew up in a crime infested neighborhood where his dad was on the run from police on drug-related charges, leaving his mom to raise him and his brother alone.

Interestingly so, for the first few years his life, he was raised by his paternal grandmother while his mom attended college to get her degree. After years struggle with his single mother, Radric began selling crack cocaine in the eighth grade, leading him into his career as a drug dealer.

Ice Cream Gucci

Gucci Mane's Mind-Blowing Transformation Over the Years

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Fast-forward to his years in the rap game. There’s no doubt that Gucci was a little heavy out here in these streets. He would wear super baggy clothes with oversized shades.

Remember Ice Cream Gucci? He stunned fans (and haters) when he appeared with a tattoo ice cream on an ice cream cone on his face. His face! Fans would not let him live down the not-so-delicious-looking dessert permanently inked on his cheek. Up until he went to prison for the longer haul, this was how he kept us his appearance and image. That is, until the day he walked out prison…

La Flare

Gucci Mane's Mind-Blowing Transformation Over the Years

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Even throughout his stint in prison, fans were updated with pics a slimmer Gucci. But our mouths dropped on the day Gucci was released from prison. His then-fiancée, Keyshia Ka’Oir, posted a video her man while showing f his new abs.

It was from that moment on that Gucci was new and improved. From clearer skin, to his new smile, to his muscular build, Gucci is a true testament that you can go from street to chic. In a picture posted by both Keyshia and Gucci on his first day out, Keyshia wrote the caption, “Healthy, Handsome, Wealthy & Focused!” Gucci has proved to be all over the above.

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