The GTA dudes have always blurred the lines between genres. They can give it to you like a rock band or trap out the block, groove on some classic house or fire up the moombahton. One minute, they're playing sensual with bilingual vocals, the next, someone is shouting at you to shake your ass. With the creed Death to Genres, it's just how they roll, and the third installment in the duo's Death to Genres EP series may be the freshest, funkiest and buck-wildest yet.

“We wanted to bring more the energetic club sound a lot our fans that come see us live are used to,” GTA's Julio Mejia says, “and we also tried to put in a bit more a chiller side.” Chiller side or no, Death to Genres Vol. 3 is a rowdy ride from start to finish. Its four tracks feature some the craziest talents across styles, from Baauer to Dillon Francis, Anna Lunoe to TT The Artist. It was recorded in multiple studios and hotel rooms around the world, as GTA spent most 2017 on the road. It's the first real set original tunes the guys have released since their album Good Times Ahead in 2016, and they couldn't be more excited to show it to you.

Let's break it all down, track by track, in their own words.

GTA with Dillon Francis & Wax Motif – “I Can't Hold On” Feat. Anna Lunoe

Mejia: This one was cool. Dillon actually hit us up to work in his studio. We worked on one his songs, “Candy.” I ended up going over with Wax Motif, because he lives in the same building as me in L.A., so we rode over together. We started making melodies together and stuff like that. It took a little while for us to finish it because we were all traveling, but we all went to Dillon's house and messed around with different ideas. It ended up being a really cool house track, and once we finished it, we tried it out somewhere in Europe, and it just worked.

Matt Toth: That was in Romania maybe?

Mejia: It was awesome. It ended up killing it at the festival we were playing. We ended up finding this Anna Lunoe vocal that Waxy had.

Toth: Waxy had made that vocal with Anna back in Australia, like four or five years ago. She had completely forgotten they even did that. So soon as we heard it, we put it together,, and we were like, “Whoa, this sounds really, really dope.” We sent it to her, and she loved it.

GTA – “Money” Feat. Zac from FIDLAR

Toth: That one came together kind  randomly. Zac is a super cool dude. We're both signed with Warner Bros. publishing, Warner Chappel, and Zac has been looking to work on something different, to get weird kinda. They had reached out to us and were like, “Hey, Zac likes your stuff. You wanna try to work with him?” I hadn't really heard FIDLAR before that, if I'm honest, but as soon as I heard it I was like, “Wow, this is so fucking dope. Hell yeah.”

He came over, and we hung out for like two or three days and worked. He brought his guitar with his skateboard peddle deck that he bolted to the skateboard himself. It's so fucking cool. He just plugged then in, got a mic and started working. This is pretty much what came out. We have another track that we also worked on that is a full-on rock song which is super dope, too. I hope we put that one out. It's so cool to work with someone that's just screaming into a microphone.

Mejia: It's pretty exciting for us. Rock music is definitely one our first loves, at least for me. Middle school was my metal phase, and I loved all that. The energy kind comes through our music, too.

Toth: We've played it a out lot​. The way it comes in, it's not really something you hear in a dance music set, so at first people are like “woah, this is kinda cool,” and then Zac starts screaming at them and they're like, “Oh, shit. This is cool.” Then the build up comes and the drop. It all just goes nuts. It's been really exciting to hear that song out.

GTA with Baauer – “Step It Up” Feat. Big Mack & TT the Artist

Toth: We started it in Brooklyn at Curt from Flosstradamus' studio. We did a show, I forget when it was, probably early last year. Baauer came over, and we made this idea. 

Mejia: We ended up working on it some more in Asia, in a studio in Taipei, and ended up finishing it through email. We've been really big fans Baauer, and we've wanted to work with him for so many years. That track is just super energetic, just crazy wild synths in your face and then the swaggy drums from New York. You can kind hear the beat from that Bobby Shmurda tune, it has the same beat. The vocal we got from our homie from Miami, Snappy Jit. He just had mad energetic vocals, and he gave us this one form his homie Big Mack.

GTA with Damien N-Drix – “DunDun”

Toth: This dude from France has been crushing it lately. He's bringing back that really dope, funky, electro sound. You should definitely check out his stuff because it's so dope. It has that old-school feeling, early electro stuff that works so well. We were like, “We gotta work with this guy,” so we hit him up and started emailing back and forth. He had recorded this new idea, the “dun-dun-dun, dun-dudn-dun” melody, and he had started this bassline a little bit. He sent it over as an idea, and within that same exact day, we pretty much finished the track between me and Julio. It's so cool how that all came together, and that song is just going f every single show, no matter where we play it. It's such a cool song.

Check out these GTA jams and more at their upcoming 3 NIGHT STAND tour. GTA will play three different nights in five cities, each color-coded to represent a different genre and style sound. Purple is house and techno, yellow for moombahton and world club sounds, and red for trap and bass. You can check dates and cop tickets at GTA's website, and listen to Death to Genres Vol. 3 in full below.