It seems that it was “God's Plan” for Drake to give back to the city Miami this week. On Monday (Feb. 5), he surprised Miami High School students by shooting the video for his Hot 100-topping single “God's Plan” on an elevated platform above their baseball field. As if his presence wasn't enough, the self-proclaimed 6 God sweetened his visit by donating $25,000 to Miami High.

“The whole entire school had no idea that he was coming,” says Alvaro Espnza-Hueck, a senior. “During the last period, the principal comes up on the P.A. system and he says that he wants to reward us for all our academic achievements. Word was going around that Drake was coming. Then, it got clarified that Drake Bell was coming, from Drake and Josh. So that really through a lot people f.”

Riddled with confusion, students pondered as to which Drake was coming to visit their school. Their questions were finally answered when the prolific MC pulled up to their school standing on top a firetruck. “We started going out into the fields and we see a whole bunch equipment coming out and a whole bunch speakers. The next thing you know, you see Drake on a firetruck come into the field and everyone was like, “Wait. Is that Drake?”

Enthralled by his presence, students quickly swarmed the area in hopes capturing the elusive superstar on their smartphones. After he arrived, Drake gifted the school a check for $25,000 towards their tutoring program and announced that he would be designing their school uniforms with his brand OVO. 

“The best part about all this was that he donated $25,000 to the school for our tutoring program,” says Espana-Hueck. “We really value our tutoring programs here, because we do tutoring from intensive classes all the way to A.P. classes. After he showed us the check, he said he was going to design our uniforms with his OVO brand. Miami High is going to feel really good after he brings us those uniforms.”

After his generous giveaways, Drake had one more present up his sleeves: The OVO star obtained a crane and performed his ubiquitous record over the school's baseball field for his upcoming video. With a drone filming his performance scene, the students Miami High sang the melodic record in unison with their phones in tow.

Two days later, Drake's wave altruism swept through Miami's Sabor Tropical Supermarket, where he reportedly spent $50,000 on groceries for at least 50 customers inside the location. According to store manager, Jose Hernandez, Drake's team alerted the supermarket two hours in advance about his arrival and decision to give away free groceries to the city's residents. 

“Around 2 p.m., Drake's staff came to the store and they took some pictures and videos to see if the supermarket was good for them,” Hernandez tells Billboard. “When they viewed the supermarket, they decided that the supermarket was good. So about 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., he was in the store.” 

When Drake arrived inside Sabor, a flurry cheers zipped through the store location. Blanketed by his team security, Drake greeted customers and later made an announcement through the store's loud speaker. “Anything you guys want in the store is free. So grab whatever you guys want,” said Drake through a video recording obtained by Hernandez. “We're taking care everything, so go on a shopping spree. Get everything you need for your house. Enjoy it.”

Though Hernandez wouldn't reveal Drake's total spending amount, he tells Billboard that he spent $2000 on groceries for one customer. “Just imagine, one customer has three shopping carts and we had 50 customers inside the store. Every customer had two shopping carts, three shopping carts with a lot groceries. Meat, beer, everything.” Despite Drake only being at the supermarket for 30 minutes, Hernandez says that his team stayed until 7 p.m. to make sure that everyone inside the store had their groceries paid for. 

The giving didn't stop there. Drake ventured over to the University Miami, and gifted junior Destiny James a check for $50,000. Later, he donated an extra $50,000 to a homeless shelter, concluding his week selflessness.

“Last 3 days were the best I have had in a very long time…there’s nothing like seeing people experience a joyful moment when you can tell they need it the most,” said Drake on Instagram, before heading back into the studio to do what he does best: more “terrorizing.”