Philly rapper Freeway is gearing up for a kidney transplant. After being diagnosed with kidney failure in 2015, the artist has been balancing his career and new-found health requirements.

Fortunately, the “What We Do” rapper’s situation is looking like it’s about to get easier, as he has “one the best transplant surgeons in the world” on his side.

“Talking New Kidney”

Freeway in Need  Emergency Surgery

Source: Instagram @phillyfreeway

Those living with kidney failure are required to partake in four-hour-long dialysis treatments, a process which does the kidneys’ job detoxing the body waste, two to three times a week. Being in a clinic, hooked to a machine, several times within seven days would take a big chunk out anyone’s schedule.

“When it first happened, you know, I had to slow down a lot. I’m one them artist that do shows all the time, so once the situation first happened, I had to slow down a lot you know and just basically reset,” Freeway told Vlad TV after a year living with the condition. Though at that point he said “everything’s good,” things may soon be a little better.

This week (May 2), the rapper posted an Instagram photo from Johns Hopkins hospital, captioning it, “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

“Feeling hopeful!” he added. “At #jhonhopkins talking New Kidney.”

Amdist hopes that he’ll have a shiny, new organ real soon, fans are showering Freeway with love and support.

“Prayers gone up,” wrote a fan on Instagram. “Prayers my brother all the way from NC,” wrote another.

“Riding witcha lil bro.. Thoughts and Prayers,” added an Instagram user. Another commented, “Positive vibes sent your way.”

Others simply filled his comment section with praying hand emojis.

Calling All Transplants

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Soon afterwards, Freeway posted another photo from the hospital. Standing alongside his doctor, he captioned the picture, “Meet Dr. @dorrytheexplrer.”

“He’s one the Best transplant surgeons in the world!” he continued. “He’s also featured on my documentary #ThinkFree & He’s working with me to get me transplanted!”

The rapper called the physician an “all around great guy” before encouraging his fans to follow him.

“The Lucky Star”

Back in 2016, when his diagnosis was still fresh in the headlines, the rapper talked about his condition during an interview with Vlad TV. Looking much bigger than he does now, he revealed that he found out his kidney was on the fritz after going to the doctor for a routine check up.

“You know, I tour a lot, and I be on the road a lot. So, you know, like months before I started feeling very fatigued, and I just thought it was from all the traveling and everything,” he remembered, before saying that he went in for “a routine physical with his] doctor.”

He continued: “A couple weeks later, they called me like ‘Yo, you need to get to the hospital… All your levels is f. Your creatine levels is crazy high, through the ro. Your electrolytes is f.’”

The rapper, who is “devoted Muslim,” said the first thing he did was “go to the Masjid” and “asked Allah to help him] deal with whatever the situation is.” “They was calling me ‘the lucky star’ in the hospital, cause I was, like, still walkin’ around,” he said after sharing that since he started treatment he feels much better than he did beforehand when he was “sick and didn’t know it.”

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