Brooklyn born singer and songwriter Franke has released a timely track titled “ITALY” and every bit of it is fascinating. The singer just cuts to our core desires and claims that sometimes you just need to have fun in life. And to the question of  what “ITALY” is about Franke explains – sex… definitely sex- it’s just about being able to casually kick it with a girl, and both people being ok with that type of relationship. just on that be young, have fun type of vibe. got a long time to be old and a very short time to be young. society puts a stigma on having fun, but f*** that – sometimes you need to just have a good time


Fans are eager to find out if Franke has new tunes in store after he rolled out ‘ITALY’ with its catchy chorus. Well, we’ll wait and see if he is going to unleash another fresh track!


Listen in on the new song today.