The drama following Public Enemy‘s split from Flavor Flav continued to escalate on Monday (March 2), and this time Flav called out Chuck D.

The rant comes after a series of sticky events, starting with Flavor Flav sharing an open letter from his legal representation regarding a Bernie Sanders Los Angeles rally on Sunday (March 1), in which he took issue with the fact Public Enemy was advertised as playing the event, when in reality Chuck D was the one slated to perform and Flavor has not endorsed a political candidate. Chuck D has since clarified his side of the story, tweeting that Flav “will NOT do free benefit shows,” and that “His ambulance lawyer sued me again on Friday & so now he stays home & better find REHAB.”

In response to the dispute, Flavor Flav took to Twitter to share a series of fiery tweets against his former bandmate. “are you kidding me right now???,,,over Bernie Sanders??? You wanna destroy something we’ve built over 35 years OVER POLITICS???,,,all because I don’t wanna endorse a candidate,,,I’m very disappointed in you and your decisions right now Chuck,,,” he wrote.

“Also .@MrChuckD,,,i’m not on drugs like you’re saying and have been clean for 10 years,,,i have battled addiction before and like millions of other Americans I know the massive toll it takes,,,Chuck you know better than to lie about shit like that,” he continued.

“And .@MrChuckD,,,i didn’t sue you on Friday,,,i asked the @berniesanders campaign to correct misleading marketing,,,that’s all it was,” he concluded. “I’m not your employee,,,i’m your partner,,,you can’t fire me,,,there is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav,,,so let’s get it right Chuck.”

See the tweets below.