FBG Duck dropped f “Slide” at the top this year, and the video has already racked up more than 18 million views. Looking to give “Slide” an extra boost, the Chicago rapper connects with 21 Savage for the ficial remix. 

FBG Duck glides over a booming trap beat, laced with menacing synths and thick drums as he challenges his foes to put action behind their threats and raps about keeping his circle tight because his lack trust. “I can't shake your hand/ No, I'm not your friend/ I don't f— with rappers/ No I'm not a fan,” he raps.

From there, 21 Savage comes through and backs Duck's threats by sending out his own warning, rapping, “After the candlelight we pushin' up, shoot the funeral up/ You think 'cause you went and tatted your face, that shit make you tough?”

Listen to FBG Duck and 21 Savage on “Slide” below: