At this point Val Kilmer has likely seen more Eminem than Nicki Minaj has. In the midst a tease-heavy public flirtation with the “Barbie Tingz” rapper, Eminem took to Twitter on Monday (May 28) to share a very private story about a very public reveal he had in front the Tombstone star. “This is like a confessional,” Marshall Mathers said in the shaky minute-long clip that looks like it was shot backstage somewhere and finds Em chilling out with a white hoodie pulled over a black baseball cap. “I have something on my mind that's been bothering me for years.”

The story begins around 2009 or so when he was at an MTV awards show, where his trailer was right next to old pal 50 Cent's trailer. “I went to the back to go change for stage and as I'm taking f my underwear I look across and in 50's trailer, even with me, is Val Kilmer.” Slim Shady mimed Kilmer sitting back in a chair peering across and then looking away after locking eyes with the rapper. “I know Val Kilmer saw me naked,” he said with full conviction.

The tall tale seems to add up, as Kilmer and 50 were co-stars in a couple 2009-era projects, including the direct-to-video movie Streets Blood and 2010's Gun.

Watch the confessional below.

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) May 28, 2018