In correspondence with Valentine’s Day, Eminem and Ed Sheeran will be dropping the video for their collaborative cut “River,” f Eminem’s Revival LP, this Wednesday (Feb.14).

In what is a very Eminem style — and not very Ed Sheeran style — Em teased the tumultuous music video on Twitter recently with the caption, “Unhappy Valentine’s Day!” The 30-second teaser shows the pair sitting in a confessional-style chair talking into a boom mic about unhealthy relationships as clips a screaming couple interrupts them. 

As for how the seemingly unlikely pair came together for the collaboration, Sheeran told Billboard in December that he recorded his parts for the song in an house studio in actor Russell Crowe's home, after receiving an email about being on the album from Eminem's manager. Despite Eminem's rough-around-the-edges persona, Sheeran said the rapper was “such a sweet, talented guy,” adding that the experience was “a door that I thought was closed and just opened randomly.”

After the pair's song initially dropped, it charted at No.11 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and was one many tracks that pushed Em's triumphant return on Revival to the top the Billboard 200 chart when it debuted in late December. Its No. 1 rank marked the rapper's title as the only person to ever have eight albums debut at the top spot. 

Watch the clip the “River” video below.