Drake's “God's Plan” video has gone super-viral thanks to his heartwarming acts kindness, which might have created its own challenge in the culture. And it looks like Jimmy Kimmel Live! sidekick Guillermo caught the “God's Plan” fever on Thursday (Feb. 22) as Kimmel introduced an extremely low budget rendition the hit video featuring his hilarious assistant. 

In the clip, the shows' sideman copied the cheeky disclaimer at the beginning the original video where Drake and his team gave away the video's nearly $1 million budget, but with insanely smaller numbers, obviously. Instead, Guillermo gave away “almost all” the $100 video budget. 

Guillermo then hit a 99 cent store in an Adidas tracksuit and proceeded to let everyone know that he would buy everyone one thing from the store — except the pineapples, because they cost more than a dollar and were out his budget. He proceeded to hit his best Drake-esque dances and made it rain with all the change he had. 

The end the clip saw him signing a huge check for a whopping $96.16 and presenting it to one the store's clerks, who calmly asked, “What's this?” To which Guillermo replied, “It's for you. It'd be great if you cry and you would thank me.” 

Check out the clip below.