Dorian Lake, better known by his stage name Dorian, has just released a groovy pop-infused tracklist coming in two parts and titled  Songs In The Key Of Love. He is a multi-talented singer-songwriter based in the US, whose life journey is incredibly inspiring. From serving a military term in the US Air Force, to radically changing his professional career for music, his refreshing art is a culmination of the experiences he has lived, as an individual struggling with his sexual identity. With a sound as unique as his background, it’s no surprise that his music has instantly captured his fans’ attention. 

 Songs In The Key Of Love, part 1 and part 2, are his most ambitious records yet, and a true reflection of his soulful vibe. This groovy tracklist encapsulates a wide range of influences, and is with no doubt stems from being exposed to different genres in his personal life. There is something for every fan in this tracklist, from soul to electro-R&B and pop, giving us a glimpse of Dorian’s tumultuous yet incredibly inspiring life journey.