DMX had a word for airport passerby.

In the TMZ video above, the former Ruff Ryders rapper was delivering his testimony at a Chili’s bar in the St. Louis Lambert International Airport on Monday (Jan. 22).

X tells the bartender what God has done for him in times need. The rap vet thanked the Almighty for the good times and the bad times in his life.

"So I praised God for my difficult situations, because it's in these situations I became aware what God is willing to do for me," he says. "I know what God is capable doing, but I won't know what's he willing to do for me until I need him to do it for me. That's pretty much all that matters. What he will do for you. That's the only thing that could be your testimony — what God is willing to do for you and] what has God done for you."

Now if you look closely in the video, there is a glass alcohol on the bar. We're not sure if it's DMX's drink or not. In addition, TMZ is reporting that X bought everyone drinks, which is a kind gesture, but it might be frowned upon by a judge.

Apparently, DMX was in town for a concert with E-40 and, maybe unwisely, made a pitstop at an airport bar.

DMX's attorney Murray Richman told TMZ that he's surprised that he was at a bar when he is supposed to be traveling with his sober coach. X has been given permission to travel for his concert gigs, but his sober coach needs to keep an eye on him. We are just saying.

Check out the clip above.