If you miss 70’s and 80’s disco vibes, good news for you: Canada-based singer-songwriter Yann Brassard released his new single “Overnight,” filled with positive disco tunes. The single will find its place in your mind and heart instantly. You will not even notice how it happened, but you will mumble it under your nose for hours. One fun fact about “Overnight” is that Yann made all of the instrumental noises besides a single beat with drums using only his mouth. He recorded the song by himself during the quarantine and used his multi-talented creative nature to get the desired result in a challenging situation. 

The release of “Overnight” is not the first time the young artist proves to everyone his talents have no limits. As a participant and finalist in Québec’s La Voix 6, the artist showed he can sing in any genre and combine them in a consistent sonic flow if he wants to. Yann Brassard’s idea to use his mouth to record the instrumental parts of the brand new release “Overnight” comes from his inspiration from Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum-selling vocal band Pentatonix.’ The band created their songs through the same process as Yann recorded his song: they use mouth to create different instrumental sounds. If the idea interests you, definitely check Yann’s “Overnight” and try to see if you could guess the process he went through to record it. Good luck with that!

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