By Alex Hudson
Published May 06, 2018

The details of Death Grips‘ album Year of the Snitch have slowly been coming together over the past couple of months. There’s still no release date, but they released the album cover, then the tracklist, and now they’ve shared a video for a new song called “Streaky.”

The song features lots of glitchy synths and rapid-fire beats that grow increasingly frantic over the course of the three-minute runtime. That being said, MC Ride’s flow is actually fairly mellow and meditative, meaning that this is a little more abrasive than the sounds Death Grips are often known for.

As for the accompanying video, it shows a flickering strobe on a bed and a picture-in-picture of some weird goopy stuff. There’s not much else going on, visually speaking.

Check it out below. We’re curious for superfan William Shatner’s take on this song.

We’re still waiting for the release date of Year of the Snitch, but we know they’ve been working on the project with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and Shrek director Andrew Adamson.