It looks like Cardi B’s best friend Star Brim is going to miss the birth the star’s child, as she’s reportedly been thrown in jail. While Star was seemingly arrested quietly, rapper Azalea Banks let the cat out the bag.

While it seemed like speculation at first, Cardi B confirmed the news.
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Where’s the beef?

Cardi B's BFF Who Leaked Blac Chyna's BJ Tape in Jail

Source: Instagram @blacchyna

The last time Star Brim’s name was front and center, she was sharing Blac Chyna’s NSFW tape. While the video was already making its way to the mainstream’s attention, Star definitely hurried the process along. She posted the video in question in February, leading everyone to believe that two must have some beef between them.

However, she quickly cleared that notion up. “I dnt have beef with Chyna i dnt even know shorty,” she began in a text picture. “That video all over the internet where yall think i got it.”

Before telling users to ” to stop with all the fake threats,” she added, “Its my ig ill post wtf i like no one can stop me but INSTAGRAM.”

The Co-Star

Cardi B's BFF Who Leaked Blac Chyna's BJ Tape in Jail

Source: Instagram @blacchyna

Unsurprisingly, Instagram did take the video down. It’s not gone completely though, as the internet never really lets anything die.

Mostly likely too busy fuming at her Twitter and Instagram notifications, Chyna was super quiet on social media that day. Who was not quiet was the guy supposedly in the X-rated video with Chyna. The mom–two’s ex, Mechie, came forward claiming that he’s Chyna co-star in the tape and that he’s disgusted that “any body would stoop this low.”

“First Off I really been chillin, working on my career. When the last incident happened I kept quiet and I stayed low key. But this is now beneath me,” the aspiring music artist began. “I stay in my lane. I don’t do the drama. I focus on my family, career..just about to release my project and now I gotta deal with my d**k plastered all over the world. You gotta be fckn kidding me.”

Locked Up

Cardi B's BFF Who Leaked Blac Chyna's BJ Tape in Jail

Source: Instagram @star_brim5

Now, Azalea Banks is coming through with news that Star is locked up. According to the rapper, Star was sent to prison after being found guilty committing wire fraud.

Azalea made the claim on Twitter early June, tweeting:

Lol cardi b’s friend star brim tried threatening and harassing me me Instagram a while back and now she’s in federal prison for wire fraud.

This allegation coupled with the fact that Star hasn’t been on social media in weeks and Cardi’s confirmation is leading fans to believe Azalea is telling the truth.

More than that, some are worried that Cardi was involved and that Star might snitch on the rapper in exchange for a lesser sentence.

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