When it comes to love, Bridget Kelly is stuck between a rock and hard place, as displayed in her new video “Sedated.” Premiering on Billboard, Kelly finds herself yearning for a man's affection, but also apprehensive, because her spotty history with love. 

“'Sedated' is a metaphor for how intoxicating love can be when you have ended up on the wrong side so many times,” she explains to Billboard.  “Women are so strong, yet experience many unique pressures. 'Sedated' is a narrative that explores the want and desire for love juxtaposed with the fear the challenges and hurt that can come with it. The real that comes with it.”

Kelly credits the funky production on “Sedated” for allowing her to reflect on both sides the coin when speaking about love: “The production on 'Sedated' really lends to this, with the funk influences that represent the edge needed to both avoid and endeavor upon love at the same time.” 

In the video for “Sedated,” the singer attempts to quash her conflicted feelings by singing away her heartaches, with her band in tow. “All I really want is to love and not to fear/ It can take a broken heart, so I guess I'm staying here,” she fervently belts. 

“The video was shot to capture the different sides someone experiencing this dilemma,” she says. “It's sexy, angry, restless and bold all at the same time. My video director Isaac Yowman used some cool visual effects to creatively captured that internal struggle.”

Watch “Sedated” below.