Former NFL star Arian Foster is taking on a new role and just began a new life after the NFL. After several successful years as a member of the Houston Texas, Arian Foster has moved into the music/ entertainment world and things have been paying off well.

After launching what has been a very successful podcast series “Now What”, Foster has moved in the world of Hip-Hop as Bobby Feeno with his new album entitled ‘Flamingo & Koval’. As ‘Flamingo & Koval’ picks up steam, Arian Foster aka Bobby Feeno has released his first visual off the project for his record “a friend a fan a kid’. A Friend A Fan A Kid is an artistic expression about how Arian experienced the relationship between a friend of his, a fan of his and a kid of his, throughout his journey through the NFL. spoken as though it’s in first person from each of those individuals vantage point.

Watch Bobby Feeno’s new video “a friend a fan a kid’ above and be on the lookout for much more from him.The video was directed by Tali Kaniatobe. Designed & Animated by Tali Kaniatobe and Garret Allard
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