By Josiah Hughes
Published May 04, 2018

It’s been a wild few weeks for fans of Kanye West, who has outed himself as a big-time MAGA guy. Whether or not you think he’s doing some sort of high-concept performance art, one thing’s for sure — his current outburst is good for Donald Trump, and Reuters has the data to prove it.

As the Washington Times reports, a poll taken by the news organization on April 29 saw a spike in support for Trump from black males. 

According to the Reuters poll, 22 percent of black males polled approved of Trump’s performance. That was up from 11 percent from the previous week. In other words, support for Trump by black males reportedly doubled in the wake of Kanye’s very public pro-Trump posts.

That said, black females support for Trump stayed relatively stable during the same time span (from 6 to 9 percent), despite Kanye. And overall, the Reuters poll found 41 percent of the U.S. approved of Trump’s job performance and 54 percent disapproved.

Of course, the poll was taken before Kanye controversially told TMZ that slavery was “a choice,” which may have shifted support for his political beliefs drastically.