Birdman has been hit with another lawsuit. This time the hip-hop mogul is being sued by his former property manager who claims that he hasn’t been paid for his services.

The Blast reports that Nicolas Penzo is suing The Cash Money Records CEO for unpaid wages from 2015 to 2017. Penzo claims that Birdman, whose real name is Bryan Williams, owes over $20,000 for his work around the house including painting, electrical work, taking care cleaning services and working with contractors.

According to the suit, Penzo claims he was receiving payments every two or three months checks but mostly in cash (no puns intended). The former employee says that Birdman owes him $8,900 in unpaid wages and an additional $15,000 based on his pay rate $150 per day.

Overall, Penzo is seeking $24,000 in unpaid wages and overtime.

Penzo may have to wait in line for his money. As previously reported, Lil Wayne has been in an ongoing legal battle with Birdman since 2015. It's been three years now and Weezy has not seen any the $51 million he's asking for from the rap mogul.

Although Birdman and Lil Wayne have become pretty chummy lately, there's no ficial word on whether they have reached a settlement in their legal feud.

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