You may want to get familiar with the artist breaking the internet virally in a major way,  BandoPop whose song “Jammed Up” is blowing up across the country seemingly overnight.  BandoPop is delivering an overtaking SoundCloud and give the term “SoundCloud” rapper a whole new meaning – more like a SoundCloud dictator able whose song seems to reign over and attract plays with no effort. The 21 year old had no plans ever being a rapper, in fact, he truly had no plans to do anything other than run the streets and spent his true years development behind bars.  Ironically, his self-embodied smash single representing him as a product his environment in just days already affording him trips across the country to perform with the likes Ralo and Travis Scott to name a few.

Hailing from Dunn, North Carolina BandoPop made his name as a trouble making hoodstar who interestingly enough, started writing the song “Jammed Up” when he started taking his trips behind bars at the young age 14.  He reflects, “I actually started writing this song when I was first locked up and everytime I would go back behind bars, I just picked it back up…it’s an ode to anyone that has been “Jammed Up” being treated like they ain’t even worth nothing, which really messed my head up when I was younger for sure I’ve come to understand now.”  BandoPop, began to realize the Correctional Officers and the system was not designed for him to provide or achieve on any level giving back to his family at least 23 siblings that he knows .  Losing his Grandmother to cancer, his Grandfather to heartbreak over his love, and the Mother’s whose house he grew up in current battle with cancer.

“This recent trip back to jail], I had a breakthrough and finally saw, the truth and decided I want to go legit.  I just knew I had a hit record, and I also knew God gave me talent to bring something so unique to the game and the world. I knew would make a big splash never seen before on the scene as soon as I locked in 100% on the music.” So, he finished the writing theme song he had not only been playing in his head, but also really living the lifestyle while behind bars – he prays for the last time.

He walked out free for the umpteemth time and decided to put it all together – approach life differently.  “Jammed Up” speaks to how BandoPop describes himself as a “project baby,” always keeping the code even when he was caught up in a serious murder case, and how the young hoodstar who is certainly well-known in the streets in and around Dunn, NC remained calm trusting his “no capping” mentality leading him to finally be “fed up” with the lifestyle his upbringing forced him to live.

The song “Jammed Up” BandoPop claims is for anyone that has ever been jammed up by the system since he can remember, but also delivers a motivational message to keep your head up, persevere, and trust there is a way to achieve happiness, your dreams, freedom, and play the game that it is life without ever having to feel cornered and “Jammed Up.” BandoPop knew his life-story song, charisma, and unique sound was a hit, so he actually dropped the song on SoundCloud and literally stayed up all night watching his song go viral with hundreds thousands plays in less than 24 hours with absolute zero promotion. It didn’t take long before @ChandlerHotch, an innovative industry executive, recognized the talent and character and began to give him advice as he seeks to revolutionize the way artists leverage the skills, experts, and indie executives the labels continue to use strictly to steal their hard-work and research.

BandoPop’s life perspective aligned with Hotch’s perspective and wisdom developed through similar legal challenges stemming from a completely different background seem poised to give the industry something most importantly, dope music.  BandaPop’s perspective is a testament in sharing one’s truth and the power simply following through with a consistent vision that seems to become so clear, usually during life’s toughest challenges.  What’s next for BandoPop?  Already booked across the country but seemingly anything the young man applies his unique dripping vision to has to come true in the form he wishes.  Labels are calling, he’s putting together an all-star team, and much more, which is very impressive for someone who only started rapping six months ago.  Almost like a prophet in the form a street rapper battling the world’s common fallacy to young black men highlighting only what they cannot do. At the same time, his brand sets to take on one the world’s biggest challenges so dear to BandoPop: in cancer. BandoPop has a certain je ne sais quoi that at this rate is set to take him to the top the industry as fast as he feels comfortable.


Take a moment and listen to BandoPop’s new record “Jammed Up” above. Much love to @ChandlerHotch for putting on this new artist and other new artist making moves in the Rap game. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your music and entertainment news.