Lil Wayne stopped the music shortly into his headlining set at the Jumani Festival in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (March 10) to let the crowd know he wasn't having it. The rapper cut his DJ f to scold the audience after someone tossed a bottle onto the stage, explaining to them that those kinds things don't go at his shows.

“Ok, so let me let you know, where I'm from — I think you all know that's the States — we don't throw shit on stage,” Wayne can be heard telling the crowd in video the incident. “Because all my n—-s got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at.” With that said, Weezy made it clear that if it happened again he was going to retreat to a safe space.

“So if you throw something else, I'm going be more safe and I'm going to be the bigger person and just leave, because I don’t want to kill everybody,” he said. A spokesperson for Wayne could not be reached for comment at press time.

The incident took place the night before after Wayne reunited with estranged mentor Birdman at Miami's Club LIV on Sunday (March 11). Weezy and Stunna were caught on camera hugging it out while reuniting in the club's VIP area overlooking the rest the scene, as Meek Mill's “Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)” blared in the background. The inaudible video wouldn't allow the exchange to be translated, but the encounter seemed to be genuinely light-hearted and non-aggressive.

Annoyed Lil Wayne Warned Australian Festival Crowd That His Crew 'Got Pistols' After Bottle Thrown Onstage: Watch