In 2016, Anderson .Paak gained prominence for his ambitious effort Malibu. The Grammy-nominated project highlighted his versatility as both a singer and rapper and allowed him to be considered a legitimate threat in the music industry. After remaining mum for two years, .Paak revealed in a new interview with Triple J that his forthcoming album is currently in the mixing phase, and will be out this year. 

“Just going through the mixing phase,” said .Paak, regarding his junior endeavor. “I won’t say any dates but you can definitely expect it this year, sometime.” The multifaceted artist also noted that Dr. Dre “had a heavy role in this new album.” Later in the interview, .Paak lauded Dre for his musical genius. “It’s dope to be around like legends like that and you can feel the mutual respect. That’s what I always did it for, I wasn’t really thinking about money or fame, I just wanted the respect from the people I look up to musically. It’s amazing.”

Though fans will have to wait to hear .Paak's forthcoming album, they'll be gifted with some new material as he's featured on Black Panther: The Album, due this Friday (Feb. 9). 

“We were in South Africa, we had literally just got f the plane and I got a text from Kendrick Lamar], he was like, ‘I hear you on the song I don’t hear nobody else on it,'” .Paak said about recording his verse for the project. “I just go to South Africa, ‘I’ll try my best to get it done’. So we just booked a studio that night and I recorded it and sent it back – he loved it. Couple weeks later it was on the soundtrack.”

You can read .Paak's interview with Triple J here.