Amber Rose is walking around like a new women. Following the news her plans to go down a few bra sizes comes the pro her surgery. The model and actress did an interview with PEOPLE, telling fans about the difference her new rack has made in her life. She also fered a good view her new and improved twin peaks.

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Dr. Fisher

Amber Rose Finally Shows Off Her New Rack

Source: Instagram @amberrose

The mere thought Amber’s signature curves changing made headlines. Shortly after reports that the star was considering the surgery followed more headlines about the star being spotted with a famous plastic surgeon. The activist and Slut Walk enthusiast posted a video herself in Dr. Garth Fisher’s fice. (Fisher has been linked to several high prile celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris.)

In the relatively short clip, Amber tells her fans exactly how she feels about going under the knife. She also shared what she’s most looking forward to: “Spaghetti straps,” she said. “I’m really excited about spaghetti straps.”

After Fisher asked her about the last time she was able to wear spaghetti straps, Rose said that she hasn’t worn that particular style clothing since she was 10 years old.

New Girls!

Amber Rose Finally Shows Off Her New Rack

Source: Instagram @amberrose

The star ended up going through with the surgery towards the beginning 2018. Soon afterwards, she posted a short video about her experience.

Prior to telling viewers that she went down “a lot,” she shared her new cup size. “I don’t know if you guys know, but I was a 36H. I was really, really big and I think now I might be a D cup, which is like, really small for me,” Amber said in a video posted on her Instagram story in January.

She went on to say that she’s so excited about her smaller front side that she can’t stop shopping. The star claimed to be online shopping for “cute little shirts” and strapless tops. She added that she was “so excited” to be able to wear things without heavy duty under-gear.


“Look how much smaller they are. So I really went down a lot,” she continued, showing herself f in a white bra. Afterwards, she promised to update viewers on her cellulite treatment as well.

“I’ll keep you guys posted and I love you guys,” the mom–one signed f the video.

That video didn’t give the view she’s fering now, as her prile with PEOPLE is much more in-depth.