DJBooth and All Def Music are excited to announce the launch The Booth Review by DJBooth, a video series which will focus on connecting a comprehensive visual voice to editorial content for each platform’s respective audience.

The partnership will produce two videos per month beginning January 2018, with topics deriving from the different facets hip-hop to the music industry’s ecosystem. The series will be available on All Def Music’s YouTube and Facebook channel.

The mission behind this partnership is three-fold: to support the digital translation hip-hop’s sub-genres, showcase its up-and-coming artists and highlight the generational progress that hip-hop has made expanding from stoops in South Bronx, NY to the rest the world.

“For more than a decade DJBooth has been the voice reason in hip-hop journalism,” said Chris Blackwell, Head Music & Marketing, All Def Digital. “We look forward to this partnership and welcome the opportunity bringing DJBooth’s strong editorial voice to All Def Music's urban millennial audience.”

Founded 2014 in Los Angeles, All Def Digital is a leading media company for urban-centric youth culture. All Def Digital produces and distributes original content through its own media properties, social channels, premium television, theatrical motion pictures, live events, and multi-faceted brand partnerships through its newly established in-house creative studio.

We are incredibly excited to work with the creative, forward-thinking team that All Def Music has assembled on a handful new video series. An incredible amount original video content hits the web on a daily basis, but what separates DJBooth and ADM from the pack is our mutual belief in quality over quantity and the desire to create discussion.