NYPD is currently investigating an altercation that took place at Brooklyn's Barclays Center Saturday night (April 21) involving members 6ix9ine's entourage and Casanova's camp. 

TMZ reports that a heated skirmish involving both parties ensued during a boxing match between Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas. Tempers flared and a shoving match occurred in a hallway near the VIP section. As a result, a single gunshot was fired inside the venue by someone allegedly 6ix9ine's crew. 

In a statement to Billboard, NYPD confirmed the incident and said that a report reckless endangerment was made. “On Saturday, inside  620 Atlantic Avenue at 2108 hours there is a report reckless endangerment,” NYPD wrote e-mail. “A suspect did discharge a firearm at the location causing property damage. There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.”

According to TMZ, police discovered one .32 caliber shell casing, but couldn't locate the gun. In addition, NYPD also noted that the gunman fled the scene after the incident happened and that he was part the “Gummo” rapper's entourage.

On Thursday (April 19), news surfaced that both parties were again entangled in another shooting, but this time, two men were injured, reports TMZ. Casanova later denied on social media that he was shot at during his video shoot by members 6ix9ine's team. 

“Don't make me hot,” he said. “Why you doing that? You know damn well nobody ain't shot at me, man. Everybody at the motherfucking video shoot was my motherfucking sons, nigga.”

Billboard reached out to reps  6ix9ine and Casanova for comment.