By Sarah Murphy
Published May 24, 2018

Lido Pimienta‘s music was introduced to many more Canadians with her 2017 Polaris Music Prize win for La Papessa, and now she’s lent her rising star power to a track by Chancha Via Circuito.
The project of Argentinian musician and producer Pedro Canale, Chancha Via Circuito will release Bienaventuranza next month, and it features “La Victoria.”
The track originated with Pimienta and her friend Vic Fabrice nearly a decade ago, starting “as a commentary on how for young women, the world insists on telling us we should not take any risks because we will fail, inevitably.”
“I took her pain and adapted it to mine and wrote this anthem in which as young girls we clap-back at the world and tell them ‘si me equivoco, lo vuelvo a intentar’ which translates to ‘If i make a mistake, I will try again,'” Pimienta told Brooklyn Vegan. “In the context of the fierce feminist movement in South America, we are excited to showcase the song and invite others to join and recognize that we are intersectional, powerful and bright.”
Colombian dancehall artist Manu Ranks also features on the song. Listen to “La Victoria” below.
Bienaventuranza is out June 8 through Wonderwheel Recordings.