By Sarah Murphy
Published May 07, 2018

Réne-Charles Angélil is best known for being the eldest child of Celine Dion and her late husband Réne Angélil, but he’s setting out to make his own name known in the music biz.
With a nod to his mother’s Canadian roots, the 17-year-old has uploaded reworked versions of two songs by the Weeknd. Posted under the moniker Big Tip, Angélil shared revamps of “Loft Music” (“Loft Music Remix”) and “Sidewalks” (“Catwalks”).

They’re about as embarrassing as you’d expect, featuring lines about “smoking trees,” fancy cars, and he even goes so far as to refer to himself as “a saucy guy, a condiment.”
Both songs are accompanied by artwork that spotlights the Montreal skyline, despite the fact that Angélil was born in the States and currently resides in Nevada, where Dion performs her show in Las Vegas.
Take a listen to Angélil’s — sorry, Big Tip’s — take on the Weeknd’s tracks down below.